Tuesday, August 19, 2008

my allergies are killing me. figuratively, of course. unless it's possible to die from sneezing too much. wait. that IS possible, isn't it? ah, crud. whatever.

i'm currently listening to this artist i picked up on while browsing through books at Fully Booked in Greenhills. her name is Marie Digby and the album is entitled "Unfold". Her voice kinda sounds like Mandy Moore, but the melodies in her songs are really great, in my opinion. it's sort of like an album actually, that you can listen to while you're sleeping, because there's a very relaxed feel to her songs.

speaking of music, i was on my way to the office a while ago and i was thinking about the whole lyrics vs. melody debate i read about in a magazine somewhere a few months back (yes, people. that is how obsessive and random my mind is). i realize that for me, although lyrics do have some weight when i decide what to listen to, sometimes a great melody overrides crappy lyrics (hence the reason why i actually like "No Air" by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown despite the fact that my officemates totally hate the song). A good and haunting melody, especially, grips me so much that sometimes i forget to listen to the lyrics altogether until a few repeats after.

my perennial favorite (at least for now) with haunting melody is Five For Fighting's "Dying". despite the fact that it's by a cheesy artist, i still really love it. but i do admit that i now listen to it because of the words that have been crafted with the melody. haunting melody+haunting lyrics= one heck of a great song. haha

another song that i've liked for the better part of the year now has been The Fray's Vienna. now this is the classic example of what i mean when i say i don't listen for the lyrics, because up until now, i don't know what they're singing in that track, i just like chilling out to the beautiful melody of the song.

and why am i blogging about music at 12:30 at midnight? i don't know. i'm too keyed up to sleep for some reason, despite the fact that i've been awake since 7-ish in the morning.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I am officially a TV junkie. American TV that is. i listed down all the shows i'll be watching when fall season comes around and what do you know? i have 11. ELEVEN. insane. hahaha granted some shows naman i can wait until the dvd version comes out. or can download during the hiatus or something but still.

i got my calling cards last Wednesday. wuhoo! now i just need people to pass them on to. hahaha!!

i am terribly sad at having to part with hard-earned cash to pay for phone bills. meaning: i paid some of my debt off today. huhuhu

to my snoopy cousin who writes the food blog: try La Regalade, in Pasay Road. the chef, Alain Raye is a Michelin 2-star chef. food's a bit pricey but generous servings :D and yuuuuum food :D

Friday, August 8, 2008

with all the drama that went on, this week went by so fast i didn't even notice it. it's like i went to sleep on a Monday and i woke up today, on a Friday. i'm not kidding either. it went by THAT fast. today is the day we get our salaries. thank the heavens for i have no more money.

i'm so lazy, i don't wanna go to work today. it feels like such a chore (and speaking of chores i have a bunch of stuff to sort pala that i've been putting off. hay il do it tomorrow. whatev)