Wednesday, May 28, 2008

it's time for one of those random, cryptic entries!

OOOOOMG. college crush. thisclose to also being... (drumroll please): OFFICE CRUSH. i kid you not. i think God is telling me something. it's a sign. KAMI DAPAT. DAPAT MAGING KAMI. CHOZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

AND another OMG. WHEN WILL THIS END????! and for more, there are now TWO totally inappropriate people. what is it with me and inappropriate/ill-matched people?

oooooh... A(my officemate) and I have decided to join a gym within the office premises. it promises to be fun. that is, if we ever get off our lazy asses and actually go.

but i swear i need to lose weight. im beginning to have dimples on my face. sana maging kasing-payat ko yung tarp face ko. :(

Saturday, May 10, 2008

i'm really beat

on the level of tired i'd say i was on "pretty", bordering on "very, very deathly"

i think i need another year of sleep.

today i was supposed to go to DOLE by 9am for a seminar on child labor. considering the fact that i got home at 2 from sofitel, and slept at around 4, i woke up an hour earlier than my alarm... 6am. i really die now. and then i get a text message from anne saying they don't need me at the DOLE thing after all. i wanted to go back to sleep, but something in my heart is stopping me from doing so, i have no idea what. still too keyed up to sleep, but too tired to do more than type away on a keyboard. i've acomplished these things so far:

  • fixed the settings on my bitcomet
  • died upon sight of very madugong production schedule for the month of may
  • emailed various people various (very work-related) things
  • panicked silently inside my heart
i am going to miss our OJTs. they made my life so much easier, and very soon i will have to transcribe and shotlist all tapes by myself again. my heart is bleeding so badly. sana magkaroon ng DLSU OJTs. hahahahahahaha or at the very mostest, Lord, please give us a new PA :(

Thursday, May 1, 2008

sawi songs

heartbreak songs (or sawi songs, as i'm fond of calling them) are the best to listen and sing to. there's just so much more emotion than those fruity in-love songs, so of course you (or i), as the listener, feels it THAT much more. of course there are those stand out love songs that make you feel as in love as it should, but sawi songs are THE best.

or maybe i'm just saying that cuz i'm single. and therefore bitter. HAHAHAHA

anyway, i heard this five for fighting song recently, and it's kinda old-ish but i've fallen in love with it. the melody and lyrics really haunt me for some odd reason. so here it is

DYING- Five For Fighting

I'm Dying, Dying to wake up without you, without you in my head again
I'm Dying, Dying to forget about you, that you ever lived
There's a shade come over this heart that's coping with laying down to rest
I'm Dying to live without you again

I'm Dying, Dying to find a distraction, get you away from me
I'm Dying, Dying to reach a conclusion, so that the world can see
It's the same old story of love and glory that broke before it bent
I'm Dying to live without you again

The first time you left I said goodbye
Now there's not a prayer that can survive

Dying, Dying to die just to come back so we can meet again
Dying, Dying to say what I always should have said
It's a strange emotion this but there's still hope in this
As long as there's a breath...
I'm Dying and I can't live without you again

It's a strange emotion this but there's still hope in this
As long as there's a breath...

I'm Dying and I can't live without you
I'm Dying and I can't live without you again