Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm home on a Saturday! for the first time in about a month siguro (since last week i was in Mindanao naman). i miss home. actually no, scratch that. what i really miss is the lazing around and doing nothing. hahaha finished my transcribing early. but i still have that bangko tape i've been meaning to finish. oh well. for later na lang when i get too bored. hahaha

i'm so confused right now. i feel like i stepped into an alternate universe the day i walked into the office for my first day of work. seriously. i super love my job, don't get me wrong, i'm just really confused about some things going on. i dunno. hay...

i need a life. grabe. i still don't have one.

Friday, March 28, 2008

random thoughts from this morning and tonight

some "highlights" of my week:

  • Monday beers with two of my favorite (read: dahil tatlo pa lang silang nakatrabaho ko nung mga oras na ito. hahahaha) cameramen, and new friend Bernard. my first time drinking "sa tapat"
  • Tuesday interview with Lesley Mobo. famous last words:
David: naku Lu Jean you're gonna have a hard time transcribing this
Me: (in my mind) no shit, sir.
  • Wednesday coverages. got free Kiehl's lip balm (hooray!) plus a keychain and flashdrive (1gb! and not even one month after i bought my cute imation 2gb one, too. howell) from Porsche design. and apparently my contact in Kiehl's is ICAn. and an old acquaintance. hahaha
  • Thursday saw old college crush in compound. me=swooning dead girl. awakened stirrings in that place where you're supposed to have a heart. ahahahahahaha drama i know. hahaha
  • also from yesterday, Lesley Mobo fashion show. wore my 2-month-old-but-never-worn white polo. officemates noticed and liked it (suffice to say i will not be wearing that again for a long time para di halata. hahaha) paired it with silver stilettos. result: dead feet. but it was a great show! loved the all-black :D too bad i didn't know anyone, not even (at first, syempre) the friggin driver OR the cameraman (my usual suspects all abandoned me pakshet) but i FINALLY got to work with a cameraman whose name doesn't start with the letter J.
today is Friday. and what will be the highlight of my day today? probably this Optha tape thing that i'm transcribing. hooray. oh, and the fact that we'll be going to Bora pala in April. good times. hahahaha!

omigosh. ngayon ko lang narealize. next week, April na. which means, on Monday, i can already say that i've been employed for 2 months. how time flies when you're having fun :D

Sunday, March 23, 2008

im back! :D

i'm back from a 4-day vacation from Mindanao, and i'm happy cuz at least, if only for a short while, i got to re-live my 'buhay baboy' days, albeit in another location :) slept at 9pm, woke at 6am, ate 630, then again at 11, then slept at 12 til 1, ate again at 2, then at 4, then at 6. rinse and repeat. hahaha! although i am now aware of the fact that my body clock has totally changed. i now wake up after 7hours of sleep, evidence of which is the fact that when i went to bed at 9, i woke up at 4. i went back to sleep after a while but seriously, 4 in the friggin morning. soooo not what i envisioned my waking hour to be, esp when i'm on vacation.

my alarm clock:
my aunt's son, paolo. as in he would wake me up when he's awake na by leaning on my bed, and when i wake up, the cutest smile would appear on his face and he would say: 'good morning!' and hug and kiss me :) so cute :D and when i'd nap, grabe, no rest for the weary talaga, he would wake me up after about 40 minutes via his toy dinosaur who would 'bite' me. yahoo. hahaha

my new favorite:
another aunt's daughter, margaret. or margie. or iyay, as they say she bears a strong resemblance to my mom :) she's the only one of the kids i really got to carry around (cuz most of them are already big- and therefore supa heavy. hahaha), or maldita and wouldn't even look at me. (like uncle marlo's kid, Jasmine, who looks like Dora the Explorer. hahaha)

in fairness to mommy, she isn't scared of flying anymore, owing to the fact that we left the house late last thursday, and had seats apart from each other. hehehe

i'm happy that i'm back home, but i also miss the chaos of being in a house filled with 10,000kids (ok fine. more like 6) screaming and chasing each other round and round and round, with a child screaming out and crying for his mommy every ten minutes. it reminds me that this generation is so different from mine, as they are more 'active' than we were at that age. (read: my cousins paolo and victorio will hug each other one minute, then start going at it like wrestling pros the next) i'm glad for the momentary change of pace, because i think it's recharged my batteries a bit. :) i definitely need to go on vacation at least once... a month. chos. hahahahaha!!!

mom and i went to church straightaway after our flight touched down today, and grabe i'm glad we went, just because we all need to be reminded of the reason we have what's called a Holy Week, and wala lang, thank You, Jesus :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

random stuff

i'm not sure if people at the office think i'm some sort of "worldly" person, but honestly, the things i hear them talk about sometimes, puts me in some sort of an awkward position. i don't know if it's because they genuinely feel comfortable with each other that when someone new joins in, they forget that they don't know this person as well, or they really have set out to corrupt me further, or genuinely make me uncomfortable. in any case, they are somewhat succeeding. some of the things i hear talaga, funnily awkward na, hello are you supposed to be telling me this story? seriously??

i test-VO'ed for a plug last night for the simple reason that they were desperate. it is SOOOO weird to hear one's own voice being played back to you, honestly. hahaha if they use it, i will die from laughing too hard, but it's doubtful that they will as it is crap. hahaha

lotsa learning experiences, so little time.

i am still SO VERY SLEEPY, but for some reason, i can't sleep past 9 anymore. why o why.

i miss my YM buddies. there is no YM in the office to discourage lazy shits like me from whiling away the hours in front of the computer screen, doing absolutely nothing with their time.

i'm going to Mindanao on thursday to accompany my mom as she makes her rounds. pray for our airplane please. and my mom's heart. hahahahahaha and pray that i don't get so bored, or emaciated, from not eating anything on account of they are all friggin vegetarians there, apparently. what in tarnation will i eat now?? am so tempted to bring luncheon meat, just to piss people off. char. hahahaha but honestly speaking, am very excited, as i haven't seen many people over there in such a long time. i'm looking forward to seeing my baby cousins and niece/s and/or nephew/s, as i haven't seen some of them, ever. prolific sila doon eh. haha

Friday, March 14, 2008

we all have things to really think about

sarah and i had dinner tonight. in fairness, kaming dalawa lang talaga, at in fairness, natuloy kami. hahaha! it feels so nice to be able to unload a lot of things on your chest (and there are a LOT of things i need to process, for serious) to someone who's sort of going through the same things you are. or for short, to be able to talk to someone other than officemates who might gossip about you if you tell them too much.

it really hits you hard once you start climbing that age ladder after college, that life isn't at all structured. unlike school, where you have a goal imposed upon you, which is to graduate on time, in the real working world, there is no goal other than the one you impose on yourself, and sar and i are left thinking: oh, shit. what the hell are we supposed to do now? we're both sort of lost souls just floating away in our work pool, with no direction in mind, and it hits us that someday we will wake up to find a few years or so have passed and where has the time gone? but i so love that we're both just aimless wandering souls, and that i'm not alone, because frankly, the people in the office have been scaring me (and apparently the people in HER office scare sar too. haha) that i should have a set plan for myself like, right the hell now. otherwise, what am i doing, right?

i miss this blog. more next week, if i have time :) ta!