Thursday, February 28, 2008


i really should be working instead of making a blog post.

or surfing the net.

or chatting with friends.

but here i am, anyway.

i am:
>hating on my work

but again, here's my list of things to look forward to:
>Ne-Yo tomorrow. maski di ko matapos tong lecheng trabaho na to aalis ako ng maaga para manood ng Ne-Yo
>brian's birthday party. kung pwede lang simulan na inuman grabe...
>unilab 30-seconder
>i will be going to tagaytay next week. and receiving meal allowances, even though we're staying there absolutely free. hahahahahahaha

swear, this'll be the last interruption, then i won't stand up from this chair until i actually finish one frickin' tape. after which i will need to stand up to actually GET another tape. oh, joy.