Monday, November 26, 2007

say hello to timothy olyphant

the only thing we understood about this film is that he's hot. and i got so pissed pa cuz the russian girl is.. ugleeeeee hahahahahahaahahahahahahaha oh my im so mean. pero grabe. halos walang story. pero halos wala ring action sequences na malupet. naloka nalang tlga ako. hahahahahaha pero hot siya. i will definitely watch again for the hotness. whoooooo

Sunday, November 25, 2007

i LOOOOOOVE my bro. he came home from the Ad Congress yesterday (or early this morning) and he bore gifts. caramel candies for my mom, peanuts for my dad, and RAINBOW NERDS FOR ME!!! i cannot tell you how many times i've salivated over that big block of nerds (and anyone who knows me will def say that nerds and i have had a lot of history together.), wondering how it would feel to have it in my hands, ready for consumption.. and i have it!! finally!!!! i know what it feels like!! haahahahahahahaha he really knows how to take my blues away (adi, not nerds), though i so know he'll be ribbing me about finishing a whole ginormous box of nerds (although in my defense he did eat some. and so did nix, and daddy. and nicole). but i don't care. i super miss him and im glad he's back and i'm even more glad cuz he remembered me! whee!! hahaahah

watched Hitman today. can i just say Timothy Olyphant. is. HOT. yun lang. hot siya. yun lang tlga naintindihan namin ni nikki about the whole thing. timothy olyphant is HOT!!!! hahaha

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

i miss my bro, who went off to Subic to go to Ad Congress last Tues, and i was supposed to tag along with my mom when she dropped him off for school that morning, but i overslept so i wasn't even able to say bye and have a good time or not to do stupid crap in person.

we may not like each other a heck of a lot but the fact remains that he is my only sibling and so i should therefore be predisposed to preferring him around rather than away. i was watching PBB today(yeah i do watch because of my mom who got me hooked. hay mama. you alternately kindle/discourage my worst habits), and i saw the dynamic between baron and donnie, and now im thinking how sometimes, that's me and adi, y'know? we are SOOO different, but alike in a lot of ways too. but i would do anything (within my power and reaches of reason, of course. and sometimes even barring that) for him, and i know he'd do the same for me.

grabe, the rain really does bring out the emo girl in me. honestly. rain+midnight=emoluj. skewer me with a fork please.

Monday, November 19, 2007

wala lang

What Ateneo de Manila University "school" fits you best?
created with
You scored as School of Social Sciences

you are fit for SOSS. you love tie dyes and cobwebbs. you wear the horn glasses or strappy earings./ you want to change the world. you believe in man. you love to connect and interact, you are special yet you don't cut yourself out from the masses. your a patriot.

School of Social Sciences


School of Management


School of Humanities


School of Science and Engineering


great! nice to know i chose right. hahaahahahaha

Friday, November 16, 2007

*glass shattering*

have i mentioned how much i LOOOVE How I Met Your Mother? i don't think i have.

i love it. i love it soooo much! and the thing about it is sometimes life lessons come right up and hit you in the face.

take this week's episode, for instance, about how sometimes people sometimes neglect certain idiosyncracies about another person because they like them so much, but these "annoying habits" kill other people. like the way Marshall has to sing every little thing he does, or the way Ted has to correct everyone.. and when these things are all brought out into the open, the effect is like the glass surrounding your otherwise perfect little world shattering into a million tiny pieces. but it was also about how much you care/love a person that makes that annoying little habit just fade back into the background, or drive them away forever.

it's pretty quiet here in the house today, since everyone's away and the maids are doing.. nothing. and it's just making me think a lot about my friends and loved ones, and that episode of HIMYM. about how my friends and family sometimes drive me insane with all their annoying little habits, like how my brother sometimes has to silently repeat his last words again, or how my mom has to read aloud over my shoulder. and how i sometimes drive them crazy with mine. but because we love each other just a little more than enough, we forget they exist too. or we forget, until someone shatters the glass again :)

i've also been music-tripping these days. i got the Emmy Rossum, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears albums from the internet and i have to say im loving all of them (yes, even the Britney Spears, surprisingly, despite all the bad reviews).i have to say my favorite of the bunch really was emmy rossum's though. like what sarah said before, it's kind of like a modern Enya, and i quite agree. her music is really very soothing, and her voice is just something to die for. she also has a cover of Rainy Days and Mondays that i absolutely love. i would super suggest listening to it. :) JLo was ok. i have a few songs that i like from it, Wrong When You're Gone being at the top of my list (ballad, obviously). i'm currently downloading celine dion's newest album though (yes, i am a fan. does it come as a shock? i didn't think it would). im pretty excited to listen to it because i've been a fan (or my parents force fed her into my brain so i could be a fan) ever since i was a kid, and i super love her voice!

i'm going to ICA's Homecoming this weekend! i haven't been back in three years and im quite excited to see the new school buildings. or hang out at the old ones. somewhat excited to see old friends too, since im such a loser that i can't even go out to see my semi-new ones (haha) i'm quite curious to see who's changed and who hasn't. and if i have.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

have i mentioned lately how much i HATE my life?

here's the deal: i have 3, count it, 3 trips out scheduled for today.

but i will be going to 0 events. because i have no car. i don't know how to drive. i don't have a life. loser, thy name is Lu Jean Ong.

hate. hatehatehate. even my brother, who wasn't supposed to go out tonight, is. because he is a man and can therefore commute even in the dark of night. whereas i am a woman and therefore rendered stupid.

i don't even know why im pissed over this. it isn't like this hasn't happened before. CHEE-RIST. :(

Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween Redux

(from top to bottom: cousin love +nikki; once more with brian; the punk rock band known as the Ho siblings; me and chelsea; me and achi denise)

i know, pretty late post. but i've been busy this week (doing nothing. but i haven't had time to use the comp all that much either)

halloween was fun. better than last year's IMO. partly(or mostly. or really) because we had even more to drink this year than last year. because deep inside us cousins are a lot of drunkards who love to par-tay! i don't think i've ever seen my bro that drunk before. we were all laughing at pretty stupid (and weird. and no) things.

felt a sense of pride towards how this year's event went, since i slept over at gretty's for two nights to help with the decor, the buying of treats(!!!), and i was the one who kept texting my cousins to bring booze (so maybe im the biggest drunkard of them all. hahaha!). feel a bit bad cuz i didnt wear a costume, which apparently was the in thing this year (no one told me though).

i love love love LOVE my cousins. can't wait for the next bonding activity! :)

winner hirit- Achi Denise: bakit andaming kotse dito??!