Tuesday, July 31, 2007


even though i deleted him from my ym list, apparently he hasn't taken the time to x me out of his. cool. whatever.

am now coughing my lungs out. but at least i am no longer feverish. but i've lost my voice. again. for about the 3rd time in about a month. i don't like the feeling AT ALL.

plus, how am i supposed to snag a job if i keep on getting sick?

ugh, so frustrating.

Monday, July 30, 2007

i don't believe in chocolates

but when you're sick, it feels soooo good :)

mocha roca is my hero :) but oh my goodness i feel soooo sick. i think i have a fever now too :(

i don't wanna be sick no more :(

Sunday, July 29, 2007

happy weekend to me!

i absolutely loved this weekend!! actually, i loved the week!! because:

  • i met up with V in ateneo and A & E in makati (which would have been funner if S were there rin) last wednesday which marks the first day since forever that we've met up and i left the house without my mom. i also got to commute by myself for the first time from katipunan to makati which i am sorry to say i am extremely proud of, being sort of sheltered, you might say. hehehe
  • my cousins tippi & denise also spent the night here last friday, and we passed the time playing mario party with my bro, and MY GOODNESS it is sooo addictive. nung friday we stayed up til about 3 in the morning playing, and then woke up and spent the entire day playing again! hahaha
  • met up with N and her family today for the first time in a really long time and watched the simpsons movie. super funny! hahaha plus i miss nix, josh and nicole cuz they remind me of the carefree days of summer. hehehe
in a week i managed to hang out with most of my favorite people, and it is so fun to be with them because they are evidence that life hasn't managed to leave you alone just yet, and you learn lots of stuff about them and yourself in the process. :)

hope next week is just as fun :)

Friday, July 27, 2007

i love...

  • my iPod. it is such a lifesaver in times of great boredom and insomnia. wala lang. and i don't mind that it's just a nano, since it really was what i wanted talaga (because i wanted to exercise with it, which i did once. haha).i just wish it had more memory so i can cram more songs in it. right now i have about 640 songs yata and im almost at full capacity and im frantically trying to reorganize and take out the songs that i don't really listen to so i can cram newer songs in it. im thinking if i should sell this one to get one with bigger capacity (4gb kasi eh) pero ewan, i've come to love it so much. hahaha
  • books. again, people are surprised whenever i say it, but it's true, i love to read. right now i'm hooked mainly on three genres: romance novel (don't kill me), chick lit (Meg Cabot rocks) and children's literature. or actually young adults. not sure where the books fit in eh. sa romance novels, i got hooked way back in grade 6 when it was popular (haha) i actually asked for one for my grad gift (which some bitch kleptoed from me in HS. you know who you are), and now i still collect them. i have favorite authors, obviously, but i also used to buy those cheap-ass for sale novels which really isn't about the story so much as it was just the sex (haha) pero swear, most of the stuff naman that i read actually have stories enough that at first read i just sort of skim over the sex part to finish the story. hahaha i am sort of proud to say that i have almost everything by Lisa Kleypas, and a smattering of other books by Jude Deveraux, Julie Garwood and Judith McNaught. hehe on chick lit, i think i started cuz of my still-in-high-school cousin, and the obsession started with Meg Cabot and Princess Diaries. i have two favorite series, which are Gossip Girl and The A-List. i stopped collecting the former though cuz i found the latter to be a smidge more interesting. i dunno if it qualifies but the best book yata na i read from this genre has got to be PS I Love You by Cecilia Ahern. that book turned me into a blubbering mess, i kid you not. i also like the meggin cabot books, the ones she writes for the not-teens-anymore :) as for children's lit, i guess it really did start with Harry Potter (which i swear i will get one day, when they publish a box set or an unabridged version). after that i started to read some cornelia funke (she is said to be the german jk rowling). i totally love this book she wrote called The Thief Lord (which is now a movie) and now I'm actively trying to buy all of her books na rin :) i also used to read tom clancy cuz of my dad, and the dan brown-esque books (which included dan brown, of course) but mainly, those three genres are what im hooked on :D
  • television. of course. i have a lot of facorite tv series which i won't go into detail about anymore. suffice to say there is a great many things that i will watch. haha special mention to grey's, house, heroes, las vegas and how i met your mother though. i love these to bits :D
  • food. have i mentioned how much i love cheese? and junk food? cheese junk food is the bestest :D i used to be known in HS as the junk food expert (not one of my prouder moments, in retrospect.) because i knew what new junk foods were the ones you simply had to try and which ones weren't worth your money. i also love pasta, one of the reasons why i also like the TV show everyday italian :D
i think i'll stop there for a while. my head is starting to ache. haha the reason for this post? absolutely nothing at all :D hahahahaha

Thursday, July 26, 2007

i woke up thinking about my cover letter. how banged up is that? well, i did want a sign from God saying i really should get a job and NOW, and i think that was it.

so i've just finished making my cover letter and it (along with my resume) is now traveling at the speed of who-knows-what towards my potential employer's email. hope i get in. hope my cover letter was coherent enough(as opposed to the haphazard way i do my posts). i really should have listened when they taught that in school. hahaha

now, i can go back to sleep. :D heaven, thy name is bed

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


i really don't know why some people are surprised when they find out i like to read. Mr. F, my first potential boss told me he was surprised that i described myself as an extrovert but my hobbies were introverted. yeah man like it's a crime to like watching tv and spending time reading?

i started reading when i was about 2, or so they say. i learned how to cuz my yaya used to carry me around the drugstore (we used to live in caloocan on the second floor of our drugstore) and point out different medicine labels and go: enervon! revicon! (you get the drift). i haven't stopped since.

question then: do i really look that flighty? God, i hope not. because while i have started to accept that i really don't qualify as a nerd(someone else's words, not mine), i do wish people would at least credit me for having a brain that isn't completely stagnant.

le premier post (M. Yap is so going to kill me.)

testing.. testing.

ok now that i've established that this does, in fact work, lemme go right on to a few not so random things which i will now spew out in random order(that i arranged for better readability):

don't you just love hanging out with friends you haven't seen in God-knows-how-long? here's what i think: hangin' out with them gives you a sense of what's changed in your life and what hasn't. oh i know reflecting randomly does that too, but it's so much more fun with friends right?

can i just say, i am so happy to be blogging again. because i am probably the most tamad person i know right now, i've been too lazy to blog. but thanks E and A (oooh una ako. mwahahahaha) for convincing me to start yet another blog. you are right. posting with the feeling of not having to cater to anyone is quite fun. hehe

on the subject of E and A (this is sooooo not me. haha) had a fantastically happy time talking to you guys, laughing and talking too loud like we owned bloody pizza hut. i won't post the quotable quotes anymore, il leave it to you guys. hahaha (truth be told, iv forgotten most of them na. haha) side effect: i am feeling strangely lethargic. mebbe it's because of all that pizza. and bitching. not that i'm complaining.

a lot of things have changed between the three of us these past few months, but it's comforting, the knowledge that we've all grown but we're still the same people we were 4 years ago: bitches. hahahahahahaha but seriously, it's nice to know the friendship is a pick-up-where-we-left-off type and not a whine-until-you're-obligated-to-bond type.

happy birthday vargs (kunyari binabasa mo to. hahaha) thanks for inviting me to extra in your grad pic. penge copy ng lahat ng pics mo dun ah. hahaha and nice to know you're still you.

my first post. bow. *grin*