Thursday, December 3, 2009

on a lazy wednesday

it's been a really good day. i haven't spent this much time at home in a while now, so i'm glad i got the chance to just bum around for a day, although i don't like the circumstances in which this opportunity came about.

it was sort of a mababaw/malalim day. i got to pig out, get my hair did (mom finally got the chance to glop henna all over my hair), and sleep all day, but i also got to think a little bit about my options in life. i know i've been saying it a lot but i think it needs to be said again: do i really want to be stuck in this kind of job forever? there are a lot of pros to being where i am, but also a lot of reasons why i should leave, and as always, i'm torn.

on a very mababaw side, i went to Pampanga on a food trip last weekend and came home about a zillion pounds heavier but a lot happier and also starbucks planner-laden :D it is good to be home though :)

spent about half my salary on clothes. God help me, i'm starting to buy clothes and it's addicting.

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