Tuesday, October 14, 2008

hooray for happy thoughts!

I've been feeling awfully drained lately. it seems like everywhere i turn, there is an opportunity for a fresh set of complaints, and grabe, i so do not want to become negative. i've been down that road before and it's not pretty. so instead of clinging on to negative thoughts, today i shall think happy thoughts! focus on the positive, as they say.

  • like the fact that i already have half the money i need for the digicam saved up (more than what i originally projected over the course of 3 paydays) so hopefully talaga by November i get to buy it na from TP in time for Christmas!!
  • or the fact that after that, i have resolved to start saving up for a laptop, just so i don't keep whining about how i don't have one
  • i was able to coordinate all of the EC coverages today! :D
  • i found a more efficient way to transcribe and as soon as i get a laptop (hopefully by December, my very own Christmas gift to myself), i shall definitely be spending more time in the newsroom :D
  • that allowance thing anne and i have resolved to keep ourselves on definitely works! sure i deviate now and again, but i am really able to save now and i'm so happy! :D
  • i was able to download a boatload of new songs over the weekend and am now in the process of organizing my iPod into little playlists para fun!
there are of course things that are cause for worry, but hey focusing on the positive will definitely help me through it (i hope!)

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