Saturday, October 11, 2008

home on a Saturday! :D

i am so glad i got to spend my whole day at home just being a total slob. sure i should have cleaned my room a bit (a lot) but for my first saturday at home in a really long time (and i think my last one in for a really long time afterward), i just wanted to CHILL and be... well, a slob. hahaha

although inasmuch as i loved being at home, i kinda miss the office. please don't bonk me in the head for that. haha! i guess i just miss the not needing to do anything at all for a whole day. but, heh whatever i still lurve being at home. cuz next saturday we'll be swamped with work. grar.

i was able to download a LOT of music today and my basic task for the day was just to reorganize my crazy full iPod. i had to delete quite a few songs to make room for the new ones, and it sorta breaks my heart sometimes, because it's getting to a point where i actually LIKE all the songs in my iPod as opposed to before where i just sorta cram everything in there because there's too much space to fill. now, i have a mental battle in my head over all the songs. like: "do you really listen to this song? how many times have you skipped over it? yeah you listen to that song when you're (insert mood here) but when was the last time you LISTENED to it?" yeah, i was that sort of bored.

i also added a new playlist, called covers+oldies where i put all the music that were covers or old songs, and 82 out of my 676 songs fits into that category. well,mostly cuz i got acquainted with Boyce Avenue a couple of months back and i decided to download some of their stuff today. i also got some songs from the Gap Favorite Songs album (i super recommend John Legend's 'Hello, It's Me' and Jason Mraz's 'One Love')

i also erased my dance playlist because it hasn't been updated in a while. i like to do that, actually. delete my playlists and start over again. it gives me "something to do". hahahaha but now i have an empty playlist. ah well.

i really should make a commuting playlist though. hehe and a while-you're-bored-at-the-office one.

i have recently opened a Plurk account, broadening my web obsession by one more site. here's hoping i still get some sort of work done. hahaha

so now i'm rambling, so i'm off to bed. good night! :D

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