Sunday, October 19, 2008

about ten blog entries crammed into one

i'm zeriously scared. i think i broke our office's DVCam. i inserted a tape in it yesterday to rewind so i could shotlist. and then horror of horrors, it begins to go on the fritz. as in, the friggin tape won't get ejected. Rely says it might be cuz the tape inside snapped, the guy manning the Custodian office at ABS said it might be cuz the office is cold and the camera might have gotten moist inside, and the guys at maintenance apparently are stupid and don't know anything (literally they said they didn't know what to do). WHAT SHOULD I DO???
in other news, Nix, Adi and Brian just left for CamSur, the lucky bastards. i hope they bring me back some goodies. otherwise i'll eat their heads off.
i know i'm kinda on a lag with the latest music, but i'd just like to share that i am totally in love with a song by The Script called The Man Who Can't Be Moved. it's just so sad and about a guy who won't move from a street corner until the girl he's in love with comes back for him when she decides she loves him after all. okay, kind of creepy the way i relay it, but the sentiment is so touching and the song gives me those "aaaw" feelings. :D i've been listening to it nonstop since Friday :D
i also got my hair cut today. Jamie is so gonna kill me because she's been away on all these coverages for EC, and hasn't had time to get a haircut when she really wants to, and i was... well it wasn't in my plans to get a haircut. i wanted to get my eyebrows waxed though but i still haven't. but whee! it's a lot shorter now, like a year's worth of hair was cut (well, maybe half a year's) and it's sort of layered now. :) but i like it and it's got the nikki seal of approval so i'm doubly proud that i got it cut. haha now to get my 'brows waxed.
what's a good planner to get for next year? i'm torn between the new belle de jour and a starbucks one. or i could get a generic loser one straight from natio and "glam it up" (har as if i had the time or the strength). or ooh, one of those arty-farty ones you can get from Fully Booked. hmm...
i'm looking back at the year that is about to end, and... i guess what i'd really like to say is that a lot has changed. not to be miss ignorant or petty or anything, but man has the world changed, and as citizens of the world, i see everyone around me changing as well. not to say that i never thought change was possible, but the magnitude of change in my life and in the other lives i see as well is really big, sometimes great, sometimes not so. para bang andami nating lahat na napgdaanan. i don't know exactly how to describe what i'm thinking though so if it's vague... well, i think i'll just leave it for until my end of the year blog special. :)

i'm done blogging for the night/week/month/year. :D so good night!

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mellykins said...

Hi Lu Jean. :)

You're so funny and I've missed you so much. *BIG HUG here*

I suggest an artsy fartsy one from Fully Booked (pricey but you are gonna have it for an entire year).

I'll listen to that song you put in. I, on the other hand, am listening to "Have You Ever Been in Love" by Celine Dion for this night where I'm allowing myself to be emo. Hehe. I haveeee to visit you this week at the office. I mishu!