Sunday, September 28, 2008

so where was i when ateneo bagged the men's bball title?

i was in the office, cheering with several other Ateneans and fans who couldn't get away from work. hahaha

ok, this post is probably 3 days too late. but i'm still happy to report that i went from sporting an indifferent attitude towards sports in general and basketball to be specific, to actually watching the final 2 games of the season and screaming my lungs out, although i did watch game 1 at home (with a bunch of screaming fans - my family) and again, game 2 at the office (with a bunch of raving lunatics. okay that mostly described me. haha)

all i can say is the ateneo community in the office makes up for a huge chunk of the people. you realize this on occasions like this, when work seems to stop and all the televisions in the newsroom, usually tuned to different channels for monitoring and are thus on mute to prevent disruption of work, are almost all now tuned to studio 23 for the live telecast. the eruption of cheers as the final buzzer sounds... priceless. it's a helluva lot better than watching alone, i tell ya. and in my opinion, i think the third best place to watch an ADMU-DLSU game is at this office (third to actually being in araneta and in school). (plus for the lulz, one anchor actually asked us: so kailan ang next game? um, tapos na. champion na ang ateneo. hahaha)

funny that the school spirit bug finally bit me after i actually graduate from school. oh well, see y'all at the bonfire! ;-)

i actually miss being in school. i wish i could be there to bask in the glory of knowing we are the champions. it's days like those (and when i'm swamped with work) that i wish i were still a student :-) pag-uusapan talaga yan for days on end eh, the "where were you when we won?" questions, the "next season ulit!" comments... haha whereas sa office, back to work kami mga 5 minutes after. well, except for me and jamie, who felt the need to go apeshit and actually chant the school song with fist raised through the hallways of the office. and i, being the good friend that i am, walked along and laughed at her. hahahahahaha!

so where were you when we won? :-)

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