Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I am officially a TV junkie. American TV that is. i listed down all the shows i'll be watching when fall season comes around and what do you know? i have 11. ELEVEN. insane. hahaha granted some shows naman i can wait until the dvd version comes out. or can download during the hiatus or something but still.

i got my calling cards last Wednesday. wuhoo! now i just need people to pass them on to. hahaha!!

i am terribly sad at having to part with hard-earned cash to pay for phone bills. meaning: i paid some of my debt off today. huhuhu

to my snoopy cousin who writes the food blog: try La Regalade, in Pasay Road. the chef, Alain Raye is a Michelin 2-star chef. food's a bit pricey but generous servings :D and yuuuuum food :D

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Bong said...

wokie! :P you go with us!? :)