Monday, July 21, 2008

culture shock

iba talaga ang environment sa office namin. i still can't get used to it, even after more than 5 months of working here. i still get surprised by things happening here. or maybe it's because i started paying closer attention to the happenings in this office and that's why i've started getting shocked again.

so for the record, let's clear something up:

i am not looking for a boyfriend.

heck, at this point in time, i'm not even looking for a MALE friend. it only complicates things. and makes me tsismis material. i'm so sick of it.

so what if i'm close to my guy friends? it does not mean i like them that way. sheesh

and to YOU: i am not yours. you have SOMEONE ELSE. stop hitting on me. or getting all jealous because you THINK someone else is hitting on me. he isn't, but you have NO RIGHT. AT ALL. deeeezgusting.

para namang ngayon lang kayo nakakita ng babae. pft.

this is what's frustrating about a small office. people are in your face asking you/speculating about your personal life all the friggin time. like they have a right to know what goes on in it.wala akong social life. pero wag nyo kong imbentuhan ng social life. hindi ko yun kailangan. what i need to do right now is accumulate wealth so i can be rich. hahahaha

iinom na lang ulit ako. alcoholic ampucha. hahahahahahahahahaha


mellykins said...

Luj destructive thoughts! Uy we need to fix a date na matutuloy. And let's just say you're not alone (hello, nature of my job, harhar). Kaya 'to.

Jane Lu said...

hay mel if you only knew HALF the things that are happening in this office... haha

Gretch said...

HAHAHA nakakatawa :)) kaya mo yan luj hahaha ganyan talaga ang mundo. mahilig gumawa ng isyu kahit wala naman :| wala lang magawa sa buhay ang mga tao.

Jane Lu said...

haha gretty speaking from personal experience din? hahahhahaha