Thursday, July 31, 2008

6 months in

it just sunk in right this very minute, as i was thinking of what to blog about, that i have been employed for exactly 6 months. i started working February 1, and now it's July 31. with all the craziness in the office today, i totally forgot that i wanted to sort of celebrate this "milestone" with my officemates (sorta).

i've been thinking about what mamu said, whether we really did this to ourselves, procrastinate to the point where we're all now rushing things that should/might/could have been done by now. although i think in some ways she is right, i also think that there is simply too much to do that you can't do everything ahead of schedule. some things will have to be set aside to rush on a later date. or, i don't know. maybe we are just lazy shites who love working til the very last minute, basking in the shared tension of the mountain of unfinished work we have to dive into.

i'm dead tired. i desperately want the comforts that my mattress is offering to me. and yet i must plow on. although i could leave it off til the morning. hahaha

it is so hard to go to work and have to plink away on machines that should have seen retirement about a decade ago (i kid you not, my computer still runs on a windows '98 platform). i now totally get why jamie is rarely in the office. it is because our office equipment sucks. well, the pay sucks too but that is another issue entirely.

i have concluded that i am too tired to function. therefore, i will adjourn to the bed i am currently sitting on and shall reconvene with my tapes at 6 in the morning. here's to hoping that i wake up.

oh and yeah, before my 7th month officially starts in a minute (literally) happy 6-monthsary to me!


Gretch said...

wow! regular ka na! :))

Jane Lu said...

HAR hahaha i wish regular na ko diba? hahahaha