Friday, June 20, 2008

random news

i am dying very very slowly.

for the past three weeks it seems as if all i do is drink and eat and sleep.

this week alone i've had three nights of drinking sprees (mon-wed). last week i had three as well (tues, fri, sat) and the week before that, two (tues, fri).

alcohol is my only friend. hahahahahahahaha although in my defense that mon wed thing this week was really for work (absolut mango launch parties), and last tues was a birthday thing. but still.

i seem to be getting along better with all of my officemates.

i finished reading twilight this week, having bought it last sunday. i actually kinda like it! i thought the first part was a bit dragging, but it pulled through in the end, and i am looking forward to buying the next one.

i so desperately want it to be the weekend already. i am so tired, i just want to sleep til 12 in the afternoon and bum away like old times.


Gretch said...

nako lakas ata natin uminom ah! :)

Jane Lu said...

haha mahina-hina na po ngayon ;)

Sakai said...

nice work ah.. drinking:)