Saturday, May 10, 2008

i'm really beat

on the level of tired i'd say i was on "pretty", bordering on "very, very deathly"

i think i need another year of sleep.

today i was supposed to go to DOLE by 9am for a seminar on child labor. considering the fact that i got home at 2 from sofitel, and slept at around 4, i woke up an hour earlier than my alarm... 6am. i really die now. and then i get a text message from anne saying they don't need me at the DOLE thing after all. i wanted to go back to sleep, but something in my heart is stopping me from doing so, i have no idea what. still too keyed up to sleep, but too tired to do more than type away on a keyboard. i've acomplished these things so far:

  • fixed the settings on my bitcomet
  • died upon sight of very madugong production schedule for the month of may
  • emailed various people various (very work-related) things
  • panicked silently inside my heart
i am going to miss our OJTs. they made my life so much easier, and very soon i will have to transcribe and shotlist all tapes by myself again. my heart is bleeding so badly. sana magkaroon ng DLSU OJTs. hahahahahahaha or at the very mostest, Lord, please give us a new PA :(


Raein said...

I'd love to help you kung pwede lang. Hahaha. Tutal, I'm soooo much a bum!

Jane Lu said...

hahaha gusto mo magintern dito? ipapasok kita! hahahaha