Sunday, April 6, 2008

highlights of the week:

Monday- shoot at Adora GB5, and then getting lost in Makati with J, my producer. so syempre, because we were stuck in a car together, major bonding.
Tuesday to Friday were office days. so major bonding of a diff kind with A over Hana Kimi and oodles of food.
Wednesday shopping with my two "girls" Tippi and Achi Denise. bought a pair of shorts, shades, and pads. happy fun day :D
Thursday was my first day at the VO room. excited/scared. but thankfully DC is kind of a pro so i didn't have to do anything except shut up and listen to him work his magic. also, first live show (for me) of TBP. now that was an experience :D
Friday- Pier One, CAV and World Music Room with some of my blockmates. the most fun i've had since Tagaytay :D and i super duper missed my blockies so whee!!! got home at 4 (which, okay, not the best idea ever) but i had fun, and i lovet. hahaha!
Saturday- spent the whole day in my room, reading, sleeping and on the Net. my kind of day :D hehehe

i can't wait for next week! wheeeeeee!!!

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