Sunday, April 6, 2008

frustration kicks in and i've no one to talk to

so my dear mother is mad at me. again. it's frustrating.

and sige fine i maybe deserve it a little since i got home at 4 in the morning, but honestly, it's the first time it's happened and it will probably never happen again since:

1) goodness i'm so old and yesterday i spent the WHOLE day in bed, sleeping off the excesses of Friday night
2) i have resolved to save my money for something. like a laptop. or a camera. or a HOUSE.
3) my blockmates (bless their souls, i've missed them so much) only make plans randomly, and we will all probably not see each other until months and months after. and by then maybe we will have outgrown the party-til-the-sun-comes-up thing. or maybe not. but it's not the point.

plus she wasn't this mad when my bro got home late and it was HER money he was spending too. and he made my dad wake up to fetch him pa. JOKE BA 'TO.
but what is the deal if i choose to spend my money? it IS mine, as she so correctly points out. she tells me not to place myself in the same level as my "rich" friends. i don't, okay. stop yapping on about it. plus, as i told sarah, i WILL get over the whole spending frenzy, because honestly even i am horrified at my spending habits (don't ask). but again, lay off.

it's quiet in my part of the house. but only because my mom hasn't ventured in here to give me lectures on how i should save, have focus, grow up (which, how does one exactly grow up if you keep treating her like a child? seriously?). she has reverted to childishness and has refused to talk to me and instead gives instructions to the maid to tell me stuff. yeah, right. very mature.

she says maybe i should start living by myself. im starting to think it's a good idea. *sigh*

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mellykins said...

Uber late reply to your post but I can relate.

"Manirahan ka na mag-isa!"