Friday, March 14, 2008

we all have things to really think about

sarah and i had dinner tonight. in fairness, kaming dalawa lang talaga, at in fairness, natuloy kami. hahaha! it feels so nice to be able to unload a lot of things on your chest (and there are a LOT of things i need to process, for serious) to someone who's sort of going through the same things you are. or for short, to be able to talk to someone other than officemates who might gossip about you if you tell them too much.

it really hits you hard once you start climbing that age ladder after college, that life isn't at all structured. unlike school, where you have a goal imposed upon you, which is to graduate on time, in the real working world, there is no goal other than the one you impose on yourself, and sar and i are left thinking: oh, shit. what the hell are we supposed to do now? we're both sort of lost souls just floating away in our work pool, with no direction in mind, and it hits us that someday we will wake up to find a few years or so have passed and where has the time gone? but i so love that we're both just aimless wandering souls, and that i'm not alone, because frankly, the people in the office have been scaring me (and apparently the people in HER office scare sar too. haha) that i should have a set plan for myself like, right the hell now. otherwise, what am i doing, right?

i miss this blog. more next week, if i have time :) ta!

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