Friday, March 28, 2008

random thoughts from this morning and tonight

some "highlights" of my week:

  • Monday beers with two of my favorite (read: dahil tatlo pa lang silang nakatrabaho ko nung mga oras na ito. hahahaha) cameramen, and new friend Bernard. my first time drinking "sa tapat"
  • Tuesday interview with Lesley Mobo. famous last words:
David: naku Lu Jean you're gonna have a hard time transcribing this
Me: (in my mind) no shit, sir.
  • Wednesday coverages. got free Kiehl's lip balm (hooray!) plus a keychain and flashdrive (1gb! and not even one month after i bought my cute imation 2gb one, too. howell) from Porsche design. and apparently my contact in Kiehl's is ICAn. and an old acquaintance. hahaha
  • Thursday saw old college crush in compound. me=swooning dead girl. awakened stirrings in that place where you're supposed to have a heart. ahahahahahaha drama i know. hahaha
  • also from yesterday, Lesley Mobo fashion show. wore my 2-month-old-but-never-worn white polo. officemates noticed and liked it (suffice to say i will not be wearing that again for a long time para di halata. hahaha) paired it with silver stilettos. result: dead feet. but it was a great show! loved the all-black :D too bad i didn't know anyone, not even (at first, syempre) the friggin driver OR the cameraman (my usual suspects all abandoned me pakshet) but i FINALLY got to work with a cameraman whose name doesn't start with the letter J.
today is Friday. and what will be the highlight of my day today? probably this Optha tape thing that i'm transcribing. hooray. oh, and the fact that we'll be going to Bora pala in April. good times. hahahaha!

omigosh. ngayon ko lang narealize. next week, April na. which means, on Monday, i can already say that i've been employed for 2 months. how time flies when you're having fun :D


Bong said...

fun ba talaga? but yeah, i think naman that you are, even if at times, or rather most of the time, you are stressing about those damn tapes. :P hehe congrats and gluck! :) di ka naman andyan kung di mo kaya ;)

Jane Lu said...

yeah haha fun super :) except for when i'm harassed by the multitudes of tapes i have yet to transcribe, but i'm getting to a point where i can say na that i'm fast-ish. so im not super harassed anymore, i just need to work on my "let's not get distracted cuz we're working" mentality.

thanks for the encouragement dude :D