Sunday, March 16, 2008

random stuff

i'm not sure if people at the office think i'm some sort of "worldly" person, but honestly, the things i hear them talk about sometimes, puts me in some sort of an awkward position. i don't know if it's because they genuinely feel comfortable with each other that when someone new joins in, they forget that they don't know this person as well, or they really have set out to corrupt me further, or genuinely make me uncomfortable. in any case, they are somewhat succeeding. some of the things i hear talaga, funnily awkward na, hello are you supposed to be telling me this story? seriously??

i test-VO'ed for a plug last night for the simple reason that they were desperate. it is SOOOO weird to hear one's own voice being played back to you, honestly. hahaha if they use it, i will die from laughing too hard, but it's doubtful that they will as it is crap. hahaha

lotsa learning experiences, so little time.

i am still SO VERY SLEEPY, but for some reason, i can't sleep past 9 anymore. why o why.

i miss my YM buddies. there is no YM in the office to discourage lazy shits like me from whiling away the hours in front of the computer screen, doing absolutely nothing with their time.

i'm going to Mindanao on thursday to accompany my mom as she makes her rounds. pray for our airplane please. and my mom's heart. hahahahahaha and pray that i don't get so bored, or emaciated, from not eating anything on account of they are all friggin vegetarians there, apparently. what in tarnation will i eat now?? am so tempted to bring luncheon meat, just to piss people off. char. hahahaha but honestly speaking, am very excited, as i haven't seen many people over there in such a long time. i'm looking forward to seeing my baby cousins and niece/s and/or nephew/s, as i haven't seen some of them, ever. prolific sila doon eh. haha

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