Sunday, March 23, 2008

im back! :D

i'm back from a 4-day vacation from Mindanao, and i'm happy cuz at least, if only for a short while, i got to re-live my 'buhay baboy' days, albeit in another location :) slept at 9pm, woke at 6am, ate 630, then again at 11, then slept at 12 til 1, ate again at 2, then at 4, then at 6. rinse and repeat. hahaha! although i am now aware of the fact that my body clock has totally changed. i now wake up after 7hours of sleep, evidence of which is the fact that when i went to bed at 9, i woke up at 4. i went back to sleep after a while but seriously, 4 in the friggin morning. soooo not what i envisioned my waking hour to be, esp when i'm on vacation.

my alarm clock:
my aunt's son, paolo. as in he would wake me up when he's awake na by leaning on my bed, and when i wake up, the cutest smile would appear on his face and he would say: 'good morning!' and hug and kiss me :) so cute :D and when i'd nap, grabe, no rest for the weary talaga, he would wake me up after about 40 minutes via his toy dinosaur who would 'bite' me. yahoo. hahaha

my new favorite:
another aunt's daughter, margaret. or margie. or iyay, as they say she bears a strong resemblance to my mom :) she's the only one of the kids i really got to carry around (cuz most of them are already big- and therefore supa heavy. hahaha), or maldita and wouldn't even look at me. (like uncle marlo's kid, Jasmine, who looks like Dora the Explorer. hahaha)

in fairness to mommy, she isn't scared of flying anymore, owing to the fact that we left the house late last thursday, and had seats apart from each other. hehehe

i'm happy that i'm back home, but i also miss the chaos of being in a house filled with 10,000kids (ok fine. more like 6) screaming and chasing each other round and round and round, with a child screaming out and crying for his mommy every ten minutes. it reminds me that this generation is so different from mine, as they are more 'active' than we were at that age. (read: my cousins paolo and victorio will hug each other one minute, then start going at it like wrestling pros the next) i'm glad for the momentary change of pace, because i think it's recharged my batteries a bit. :) i definitely need to go on vacation at least once... a month. chos. hahahahaha!!!

mom and i went to church straightaway after our flight touched down today, and grabe i'm glad we went, just because we all need to be reminded of the reason we have what's called a Holy Week, and wala lang, thank You, Jesus :)

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