Wednesday, January 2, 2008

a year's worth of thanks

although my blog's been full of thanksgiving posts and things like that, allow me to do one last one to cap off the year that just passed. i'm pretty sure 2008 will be a year filled with lots of good memories, friends, loved ones, but for now, lemme say that 2007 was the best (so far). i just wanted to say thanks to everyone who made my year so interesting and so unlike any other year :)

here are the memories i will take with me from last year:

  • New Year's Eve/Day- also known as the Clumtards' first drinking session. and the night the drinking game was introduced. :)
  • TTH lunches with Lor, who i really really absolutely missed in 2006. i'm so glad we got the chance to bond again that last sem :)

  • MWFs with Sarah, moaning about how lazy we are, and how we need to finish our "practicum" while eating and checking out the latest gossip. hahaha
  • Thesis- and second sem in general. yes, life wasn't all fun and pretty daisies. yes, i had a hard time. and yes, it was pretty touch-and-go for a while there, but valuable life lessons were learned. and in retrospect, im glad i had the sem i did :)
  • Last week bonding sessions with the self-proclaimed "patapons"-consisting of me, evi and sarah. also known as the only things that kept me from going insane. love you guys :)
  • Blue Roast- if only for the opportunity to drink up in school. HAHA! and meet up with all your friends who you may never see again :)
  • Graduation- yes, we finally made it! whee!
  • All the summer (and not-summer) Tagaytay outings- Apr 21-22 with the vacation barkada, May 1 with the same people but with the parents as well, May 5 with Mom and Adi's Badminton friends (made new friends there), and Aug 26 with the beloved (at walang ka-sawa sawang) vacation barkada
  • Puerto Galera (May 13-14)- weather good, food good, camwhoring even better :)

  • All the meet-ups with the patapons :) + ane- those "job fair", lunches, even the YM confes, convos and jilted plans made me realize that i'm still important to some peoples' lives. hahaha!
  • My birthday- although almost everyone i invited couldn't make it (proof that i really CAN'T throw a party because of my jinx), 2 of my favoritest cousins managed to brave snow and hale(kidding) to make it, and it turned out to be one drunken love affair between the 4 of us (plus my bro who loves me.. i think) and the gamecube. Mario Party RULES!!!

  • UAAP Men's Basketball- Finally got to see my FIRST EVER LIVE BASKETBALL GAME! hahahahaha! cheers to Evi, Sarah and Mel, my UAAP buddies :)
  • mini-Solid reunions- cheers to my HS classmates and friends :)

  • Halloween- where the clumtards are born. :) i love love LOVE my cousins :) let's all drink to that! hahaha!!!
  • ICA Homecoming- wow, this year (2008) is the Scyons' 5th anniversary. it's been THAT long. WOW.
  • A2 "Christmas Party"- at mel's house. the attendance wasn't even 1/4 of the block, but it was so fun seeing Sel and Nikki G again. and of course Mel and Evi :)
  • Christmas- Party at the Ho's! lots of good memories, per usual. Bacardi Limon and the magnificence of Absolut Kurant, Planet SUN, king of the garden, soulja boy's Crank Dat (our official theme song), all the drunk-ness. WHITE ELEPHANT! good food, good family (who also happen to be friends). LOVE :)

  • A2 mini-reunion- whee!!!! after ten years... 8 of us managed to come together and reunite. (hahahahaha!!) thanks for a fun night you guys :) hope there'll be many many more this year!

and finally:
  • New Year's Eve- with my beloved cousins and family :) i could not ask for more, really. i started and ended the year with these guys (would you believe? it's us again! who'dve thunk it? haha)

some people to thank:
  • my koosins/clumtards/gretty.achidenise.tippi.adi.brian.tin.justin.aj.chris.achicarol.keith(honorarykoosin)- for all the retarded pictures, and the reasons for all the retarded pictures :) for all the fun times, and the bondings, the drunken mario parties, the sleepovers, drinking sessions, holidays, birthdays, just-any-kind-of-days :) wouldn't trade you guys for the world :)
  • the patapons/sarah.evi.mel.ane- for being my shoulders to cry on, drinking sessions, the coming earlies and going home lates from school, the rides home, for the coffee, the pizza, the basketball, the food after the basketball, the bonding sessions. :)
  • lor- for the easy friendship, the laughter, and the chika sessions :) and the bonding over Philo 103 :)
  • vacation barkada/nix.gretty.adi.justin.josh.nicole- whoo! to more fun and laughter (and pictures!) :)
  • francis, K and bradley, the best online (but also real-life) buddies ever :D
and already a memory from this year :)
  • The Post-Christmas/New Year's day/Tito Ferdie's Birthday Party :)-"hosted" by Nix/Luj/Gretchky :)

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