Wednesday, January 9, 2008

i have a job? really?

it still hasn't fully sunk in yet. i keep expecting sir Henry (the hr guy) to call me and say they made a mistake. but i was at ABS kanina to have my id picture taken (which, by the way is butt-ugly), and no one told me naman na i had no right to be there so i guess i really am going to work there now! (hahaha)

my colds are (starting to) clear up now. hopefully and by the grace of God, this whole awful sickness will leave me.

will meet up with achi denise tomorrow to get my NBI clearance. hopefully hindi kami abutan ng friday :D haha

ta for now ;)

and by the way, i am currently marathon-ing gossip girl, and IMO, it does rock. a lot :D

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