Wednesday, December 5, 2007

updates on my life (for all those questions everyone asks)

i am officially bored. so once again it is let us blog time. (egocentric post so if you're tired of the sort, stop reading now)

so what have i been up to? i have:

  • cleaned my room. and my parents' room- yes, folks, she cleans. my mom got a bee up her arse about the unused computer table here in their room so she said she would move it to my room to make way for the comfy sofa chair that we have in the attic. so we cleaned up a lot of the crap here (note: a LOT of dust can accumulate from years of shoddy cleaning), and long story short, we were able to move the computer and the table to my room, rearranged some of my furniture (which the maid says is a marked improvement from the way it was arranged before) downside, the pull out bed isn't pull-out-able anymore. well, you can pull it out if you push the bed allll the waaay to the right but it doesn't pull out all the way anymore. but i like it! our next project (with dad this time) is to replace and update all the crap inside the old CPU to make it running, buy a wireless router so that i have internet in my room, and then arrange HIS crap (my dad sure does keep a lot, even *REALLY GROSS* his false teeth, which i encountered in his drawer). my brother has grand plans for the PC as well, including loading Counterstrike and Red Alert in it and playing till the wee hours of the morn (i assume). i on the other hand, will load it with SIMS 2, Microsoft Office 2007, the new messenger, and all the pictures and music and tv shows my little heart desires :D
  • been to job interviews- im fairly optimistic about these career opportunities, because AT LAST, here is something i really see myself doing. well, as optimistic as a girl who's about to die under all the rejection letters(not actual rejection letters but the lack of call-backs) thrown at her. but you have to believe, truly believe in something right? i am truly believing in this. and in the power of the Divine. :D
  • almost finished my giant box of rainbow nerds- im down to my last few thousand nerds (which is a big number but also an awfully small amount of nerds). still full of love for the giver though. hahaha
  • bonded with my bro- although through no fault of mine. one day he decided he liked my room and stayed there, unshowered, until my mom shouted at him to take a shower as we might be late for an event.
  • went to skechers streetdance battle at araneta to cheer very loudly for UP, Ateneo, Xavier :D- and watch my brother brainwash a 7-year old, who got depressed because Xavier, his favorite team, did not win. to the point that when Ateneo (where his sister is part of CADs) won 1st runner up, he didn't care. hahahahahaha
  • watched The Kingdom- i absolutely love Jen Garner. she rocks my socks. great movie, seriously.
  • went to Katipunan- Lunch with Bradley, to talk about things we already IM about (hehehe) saw dr. rosana, who said it was really good to see us. hahaha i sort of miss her na i don't (rosana, not bradley).
  • went to Dawn Watch- then SM to look for a gown for Tita Lily, then Shangri-La for same (but ended up still gown-less). finally got a chance to eat at sizzling seafoods again. loooooove them :)
so that's it, in a nutshell. apparently nothing much happened to me. but it seemed like suuuch a long week. but i still miss my friends. family. :( i can't wait for Christmas!! because with Christmas comes:

  • parties- most notable are the family friends party at the Navarros', christmas parties with the block, and the annual Ong Christmas Party, which may now also be called, the older Ong cousins excuse to drink themselves silly like they did last Halloween and New Year's. i really, really, really, really miss all my cousins (except the more annoying ones. wuhoo! hahahaha)
  • a legitimate excuse to drink yourself silly with the people you love- self-explanatory, i think. hahahahaha
  • prezzies! who can forget presents, the buying, the wrapping, the giving and the funnest part, the RECEIVING! hahaha! (but i love wrapping my gifts too!) im excited to pick out wrappers and crap (how geeky am i? haha)
  • shopping for prezzies!-and clothes(possibly). might go to divisoria sometime with tita lily and mommy. i hope i get all my shopping done in time! :D
i think il end here, as i've already blabbered on for too long. ta!

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