Tuesday, December 18, 2007

my.head.hurts. as in grabe. super. hahaha

it's so sad to admit it, but i really don't feel the Christmas lurve here. when you're as cooped up as i am here in the mountains of Commonwealth, especially, you really won't feel it, cuz there are zero, yes, count it, zero Christmas decorations along commonwealth ave. plus it rains, and then it will be hot, then cold. that kind of thing. i realized today that there are only 7 more days left till Christmas, and i have yet to wrap my gifts. or finish my Christmas cards to other people. the old me (circa last year) would have already finished packing, done my to-from cards, AND bought more candy to rot the teeth of every kid i know (and then some). but today just feels... blah. like an ordinary day. which really sort of leaves me depressed. kinda.

am excited for the Christmas get-togethers though :) can't wait for those :D

and oh yeah, tomorrow is my big big final day. wish me luck! and prayers for me please :D

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