Wednesday, December 12, 2007

freak freak freak out

my lola(my mom's mom) is starting to freak me out na. i asked her today if she's taken her medicines and she said yes, but when i asked about a specific medicine that my aunt keeps texting me about, she just made the shh-ing motions and told me to tell her that yes, she already took them. i mean WTF?! i am in a quandary here, guys. SERIOUSLY. what the HECK am i supposed to do? i asked the maid and she said that apparently, gramma dearest is running out of the orange pills, so she's... conserving? what in the world????? im now waiting for my mom to arrive so i can tattle on her. i mean, AGAIN, what am i supposed to do, cram the damned pills down her throat and go: oh grandma, if you don't drink these imma cram them into your mouth???

plus last night, she actually advised me on dating. she told me to go into chatrooms to find an American husband. SERIOUSLY??? this, on top of all her pressure on me needing to have a husband by age 25. and case in point, her dear(PWE) sister's adopted child already has a 4-month old kid. and she's my age. but HELLO, i am so not a slut.

i'm really worried about her. she keeps asking me pa where my bro is, where my dad is, where he works, where my mom is. where am i studying, and oh you graduated na pala where are you working? my dad says it's a nutrition imbalance caused by being a vegetarian. but im pretty sure she's starting to get senile. which REALLY REALLY scares me. the folks back in Iligan said the doctor there says she might have Alzheimer's, so am i just dreaming all of these weird repetitive questions and putting meaning into it to support the hypothesis? i mean, honestly. i need help over here. RIGHT THE HECK NOW.

hay. what am i to do???

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