Monday, November 26, 2007

say hello to timothy olyphant

the only thing we understood about this film is that he's hot. and i got so pissed pa cuz the russian girl is.. ugleeeeee hahahahahahaahahahahahahaha oh my im so mean. pero grabe. halos walang story. pero halos wala ring action sequences na malupet. naloka nalang tlga ako. hahahahahaha pero hot siya. i will definitely watch again for the hotness. whoooooo


mellykins said...

Luj have you seen "Enchanted" na? Hehehe. :P

('Di ko type si Timothy Olyphant! And what a weird name. It's like "olympics"+"elephant." LOL. :)) )

Jane Lu said...

no i haven't!!! i wanna watch nga eh. pero baka i-dvd ko nlng.

watched the kingdom kanina though. great stuff! plus jen garner totally rocks my socks

mellykins said...

Nooo00000oooo, make time to watch "Enchanted" on the big screen! (Grabe, Disney should pay me for aggressively advertising their film! Hahaha!) It's really worth it! I'd watch it with you but I already saw it in the theaters TWICE! Hahaha. :P
(Jen Garner rocks my socks too! Pero ayoko manood ng action flick! :P)