Wednesday, November 21, 2007

i miss my bro, who went off to Subic to go to Ad Congress last Tues, and i was supposed to tag along with my mom when she dropped him off for school that morning, but i overslept so i wasn't even able to say bye and have a good time or not to do stupid crap in person.

we may not like each other a heck of a lot but the fact remains that he is my only sibling and so i should therefore be predisposed to preferring him around rather than away. i was watching PBB today(yeah i do watch because of my mom who got me hooked. hay mama. you alternately kindle/discourage my worst habits), and i saw the dynamic between baron and donnie, and now im thinking how sometimes, that's me and adi, y'know? we are SOOO different, but alike in a lot of ways too. but i would do anything (within my power and reaches of reason, of course. and sometimes even barring that) for him, and i know he'd do the same for me.

grabe, the rain really does bring out the emo girl in me. honestly. rain+midnight=emoluj. skewer me with a fork please.

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