Sunday, November 25, 2007

i LOOOOOOVE my bro. he came home from the Ad Congress yesterday (or early this morning) and he bore gifts. caramel candies for my mom, peanuts for my dad, and RAINBOW NERDS FOR ME!!! i cannot tell you how many times i've salivated over that big block of nerds (and anyone who knows me will def say that nerds and i have had a lot of history together.), wondering how it would feel to have it in my hands, ready for consumption.. and i have it!! finally!!!! i know what it feels like!! haahahahahahahaha he really knows how to take my blues away (adi, not nerds), though i so know he'll be ribbing me about finishing a whole ginormous box of nerds (although in my defense he did eat some. and so did nix, and daddy. and nicole). but i don't care. i super miss him and im glad he's back and i'm even more glad cuz he remembered me! whee!! hahaahah

watched Hitman today. can i just say Timothy Olyphant. is. HOT. yun lang. hot siya. yun lang tlga naintindihan namin ni nikki about the whole thing. timothy olyphant is HOT!!!! hahaha

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