Saturday, November 10, 2007

have i mentioned lately how much i HATE my life?

here's the deal: i have 3, count it, 3 trips out scheduled for today.

but i will be going to 0 events. because i have no car. i don't know how to drive. i don't have a life. loser, thy name is Lu Jean Ong.

hate. hatehatehate. even my brother, who wasn't supposed to go out tonight, is. because he is a man and can therefore commute even in the dark of night. whereas i am a woman and therefore rendered stupid.

i don't even know why im pissed over this. it isn't like this hasn't happened before. CHEE-RIST. :(


evi11 said...

Well, I'm hoping your annoyed at this because you totally couldn't come to our inuman, which I actually volunteered to partly pay for.


Jane Lu said...

well, duh.

but in all fairness, i was talking to sarah and i asked her if ever i could manage to scrounge up a ride if tuloy ba tayo and she said no. and i COULD have been there, since i procured a last-minute ride. :(

mellykins said...

Boo, 'di kayo nag-iinvite. *Tampo*

Jane Lu said...

alam mo, sira ka. magtampo ka kung natuloy kami. eh di naman kami natuloy eh. anong pagtatampuhan don?! hahahahahaha

mellykins said...

Fine fine. Basta let's meet up! :) Before Christmas!