Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween Redux

(from top to bottom: cousin love +nikki; once more with brian; the punk rock band known as the Ho siblings; me and chelsea; me and achi denise)

i know, pretty late post. but i've been busy this week (doing nothing. but i haven't had time to use the comp all that much either)

halloween was fun. better than last year's IMO. partly(or mostly. or really) because we had even more to drink this year than last year. because deep inside us cousins are a lot of drunkards who love to par-tay! i don't think i've ever seen my bro that drunk before. we were all laughing at pretty stupid (and weird. and no) things.

felt a sense of pride towards how this year's event went, since i slept over at gretty's for two nights to help with the decor, the buying of treats(!!!), and i was the one who kept texting my cousins to bring booze (so maybe im the biggest drunkard of them all. hahaha!). feel a bit bad cuz i didnt wear a costume, which apparently was the in thing this year (no one told me though).

i love love love LOVE my cousins. can't wait for the next bonding activity! :)

winner hirit- Achi Denise: bakit andaming kotse dito??!

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