Friday, November 16, 2007

*glass shattering*

have i mentioned how much i LOOOVE How I Met Your Mother? i don't think i have.

i love it. i love it soooo much! and the thing about it is sometimes life lessons come right up and hit you in the face.

take this week's episode, for instance, about how sometimes people sometimes neglect certain idiosyncracies about another person because they like them so much, but these "annoying habits" kill other people. like the way Marshall has to sing every little thing he does, or the way Ted has to correct everyone.. and when these things are all brought out into the open, the effect is like the glass surrounding your otherwise perfect little world shattering into a million tiny pieces. but it was also about how much you care/love a person that makes that annoying little habit just fade back into the background, or drive them away forever.

it's pretty quiet here in the house today, since everyone's away and the maids are doing.. nothing. and it's just making me think a lot about my friends and loved ones, and that episode of HIMYM. about how my friends and family sometimes drive me insane with all their annoying little habits, like how my brother sometimes has to silently repeat his last words again, or how my mom has to read aloud over my shoulder. and how i sometimes drive them crazy with mine. but because we love each other just a little more than enough, we forget they exist too. or we forget, until someone shatters the glass again :)

i've also been music-tripping these days. i got the Emmy Rossum, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears albums from the internet and i have to say im loving all of them (yes, even the Britney Spears, surprisingly, despite all the bad reviews).i have to say my favorite of the bunch really was emmy rossum's though. like what sarah said before, it's kind of like a modern Enya, and i quite agree. her music is really very soothing, and her voice is just something to die for. she also has a cover of Rainy Days and Mondays that i absolutely love. i would super suggest listening to it. :) JLo was ok. i have a few songs that i like from it, Wrong When You're Gone being at the top of my list (ballad, obviously). i'm currently downloading celine dion's newest album though (yes, i am a fan. does it come as a shock? i didn't think it would). im pretty excited to listen to it because i've been a fan (or my parents force fed her into my brain so i could be a fan) ever since i was a kid, and i super love her voice!

i'm going to ICA's Homecoming this weekend! i haven't been back in three years and im quite excited to see the new school buildings. or hang out at the old ones. somewhat excited to see old friends too, since im such a loser that i can't even go out to see my semi-new ones (haha) i'm quite curious to see who's changed and who hasn't. and if i have.

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