Tuesday, October 30, 2007

all alone in the house of Ho

so im not at home today, which is a surprise even for me. haha slept over here at jen's last night to help decorate the house for Halloween (which we big "kids" call: night of drinking and happy times!), and they left early today to go to their angkong's cemetery (which our side of the family did yesterday)

it was so nice seeing most of my cousins yesterdat, and to be able to catch up with what was going on in our lives. had an especially long talk with brian(who i always talk to online but rarely face to face) and tin about what's happened since new year (when we were last drunk. hahaha!) apparently May 1 is a very significant day for us. hahahahaha

the nice thing about being with your cousins is that you know that no matter what you do, they will always take your side (except when you war against another one of your own, of course. haha). also, because we all grew up around each other (i practically did not have any other friends growing up because there were so many of us that i did not have time to squeeze in other kids), we all know each other a smidge better than other people, so we don't get wary about talking about weird things, or about confronting them with things that you might not say to other people directly. it's really quite nice that we've all managed to stay bonded over the years, despite the fact that most of us only see each other for special occassions, and never talk in the months between new year and september (my lola and dad's birthday).

anyway, this is getting really long. so au revoir for now :D

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bong said...

i'll see ya tomorrow! :) don't forget the things you have to bring ok?ok?:P