Monday, September 10, 2007

this is what happened on my birthday

my guests
my cake
family love :)
what we did til 4 in the morning

and ok, it wasn't the most perfect party and i wish people came but who am i kidding? i have never successfully planned a party and the fact that it was my birthday does not make it an exception (not bitter. swear. haha). but much gratitude and love to all the people who remembered that it was my day to grow older, and to the people who tried to make it but couldn't. :) special rin naman cuz i've spent my whole life with these people and it really was anything but a quiet night at home, what with around 6 litres of gin pomelo between the 4 of us, and a hell of a lot of screaming (and eating). Shantung is loooove :D

got my hair cut pala! when it was done the guy who blow dried my hair asked me how many inches was cut off (he estimated mga 5 cuz, as he said: marami pong natanggal sa inyo ah! sabi ko: di ko na inalam. hahaha cuz it was too painful. i estimated a good 6 or 7 inches off.) goodbye longest hair i've ever had. i shall miss you. tama si nix, nakakaloka yung first shower, when you realize your hair is actually gone. hahaha

much love to tippi, achi denise and jones, who made me schlep over to greenhills to pick out my gift :) loved it suuuper, but i wish you had let me take it all, instead of making me choose, cuz that was an excruciating experience. mwahahahaha!!! kidding :)

no love for tita t, who made me stressed on my birthday. and forgot about it. kidding :D hahahaha

watched rin disturbia. scarier than 1408. ewan. hahaha shia lebeouf is H-O-T. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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