Wednesday, September 5, 2007

something is seriously wrong with my hormones.

i was talking to one of my cousins a couple of weeks back about why i didn't accept any of the jobs that were offered to me and i started bawling. he was going to hug me but i started to cry harder.

and today, my mom is feeling crappy so she wanted me to hug her. and now i feel all weepy.

hate you hormones.


my brain has disintegrated to the size of a pea. strike me dead now please.


in other news, sarah has been texting me regularly, replying to my texts with a frequency that is astounding. is Jesus coming now, then? hahahahaha

can't wait for friday! to the guys who're coming, apologies. i may be cooking your dessert for the evening. haha don't worry, il buy enough rum to drown the burnt flavor away. hahahaha

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