Friday, September 14, 2007


i really don't like applying for stuff, cuz i have this very strong fear of rejection, which is paralyzing most times. i guess the idea is if i don't apply, then i won't know how many people there are that don't want me. most of the time i do it anyway, but then sometimes something matters too much for me that i won't be able to bear it if i didn't get it, so i don't try at all.

it's hard to keep thinking that you're not good enough, but you keep trying through all the rejections anyway, in hopes that someone might see that you are, or like you despite of it.


maybe im just lonely. /:-| ah kebs. i just need a job. or correction, i need a PAYING job.


my mom and co. finally got POs (purchase orders) yesterday. we're ecstatic, dahil in fairness, those were a lot of orders. i wrung my eyes out yesterday looking at just numbers because we had to tally all the orders up so that they know more or less how many kilos of cloth to set aside. their new stocks come out second week of november so if you're curious, just trek on over to SM (megamall, makati or north edsa, where there are more stocks than at other branches) :)


i like the weather right now. so calm and breezy :) such sleepy weather but i don't mind, i so love sleepy weather :)

am excited for the fall season of tv shows :) yun lang. haha

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