Monday, September 24, 2007

blast from the past (ma'am chona rocks)

i got a letter from 2004 lu jean last friday. i didn't think much of it (and i thought it was from ICAn senior luj) so i "shelved" it (meaning i tossed it in my study table with nary a thought). until today, because JP got a letter from his 2004 self too. and apparently, freshman luj wrote this. hahahaha

it goes something like this:

March 19, 2004
dear me,
     hmm... where do i begin? today marks the last day of this school year & i'm sort of excited (duh... it's the last official school day, even though there are finals next week) As you know, this is the culmination of one hellish week & i'm still trying to get over yesterday's... uhm... thing. anyway, i hope we're still the same old us when you read this again. i hope that life will finally be nicer to us. And also, i hope you'll never forget what's happened this year, because everything that's happened this year is monumental. hehehe... Aryt, have to go. I'm not making sense anymore. still sleepy eh. (smiley) tc & God bless!

Luj (smiley)
P.S. Sana nasa mabuting kalagayan ka pa (smiley) At sana pinapansin ka pa rin ni... (smiley)

ok,i do not remember much of what happened. but i DO remember who ...(smiley) is. hahahahahaha. another letter follows directly after this:

hey luj!!
    grabe... mamimiss kita! wala na akong maingay na seatmate na parati kong kausap! hahaha! i had a lot of fun being your seatmate. sana friends pa tayo after.


ok. so far this is what i remember from 2004:
  • i entered ateneo
  • joined enta. had a blast. found a real-life superfriend
  • hell week.... baka dahil sa bahay-bahayan 'to.
  • yesterday's thing-still doesn't ring a bell.
for a talkative person, i certainly didn't say much, did i? anyway, to 2004 luj (who's still somewhere inside me, prolly wondering what the hell happened), here is what happened to our life:
  • we graduated!
  • left enta. cried a lot. broke it off with real-life superfriend who turned out to be real-life bitch/crap friend.
  • hell year. dahil sa enta. at thesis
  • hindi ka na pinapansin ni... (smiley). pero naging friends kayo. at some point. maski di kayo naguusap face-to-face. plano mong batiin sya sa birthday nya.
  • life is, indeed, nicer :)
you are now great friends with a bunch of people who are the best. ever. they helped you out during thesis by acting as support system, rant pillow, shoulder-to-cry-on, drink buddies, test audience.. etc. you have a great relationship with your cousins, and.. di na kayo friends ni justin. hahahahahaha

r01 was the best. i could not have asked for a better english block, actually. kris, karen, k and i are still friends(wow puro k), and jp is now one of many im friends who i talk to regularly because of, believe it or not, basketball. i still see sarah once in a while, and, well.. everyone else i am just peachy with (i think. haha)

as for my comm block, who/m(?) i love equally, i also see a lot of. mel is my fangirl buddy, and i went with her last friday to watch elliott yamin. evi and ane and sarah(pa rin), i get to spend time with rin(though ane is missing na since she has a job. lucky bitch). 

i miss my college friends! i really think that college was great for me. it opened up my world and it became such a big world for me after 4 years. sure a lot of things didn't go for me, but i believe in the feeling that it was all for the best. all my mistakes, and accomplishments, friends i've met, lost along the way, etc. i really feel that it's leading me somewhere, and im still excited to see where this gets me :)

so to 2004 luj, don't worry, we've got it covered :) for now :)

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k! said...

ayan, i'm returnin the favour. yay.

obvs, i am the undisputed queen of sabaw, nung freshman year pa. harharhar