Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i remember something from what Pastor Peter was telling us about this really great boxer from his time (his name escapes me) who was known for knocking down his opponents, but at one fight in his career was knocked down in the first round, but got up again and proceeded to knock his opponent down and win the fight. when asked by the reporters what was going through his mind when he was lying there on the floor of the ring he said: "What the heck am i doing here on the floor? i am a champion! i have to get up!" and similarly he says that as Christians, whenever we're deceived by the devil and find ourselves in the mud, we have to ask ourselves why the heck it is that we're still in the mud, pick ourselves up and move on.

so far this week has been pretty eventful for me. last saturday i got to go to serendra on a very rare night out with some of my relatives, and i got to bond with justin which is always nice, and with achi denise over the phone. haha di pa kasi ako nakuntento at kailangan talaga may kausapin pa kong iba. hahaha!

sunday was pretty awesome as well. i got so struck by the message that i was a bit afraid that biglang i-point out ako ni pastor at sabihing: this is for you. hahaha got to go to a vegan seminar as well and eat dinner in a vegetarian place, the first time siguro na i was able to eat a full meal na completely devoid of living animals in any kind. but it was good! not something i wanna eat for the rest of my life but nevertheless diba?

monday saw me going to glorietta to go to a job fair with my pals e and s. syempre e and i being WAY EARLIER than s walked around for a bit after breakfast and somehow found ourselves in Timezone, playing crazy games. hehehe after s got there, we spent maybe 30 minutes inside the venue, then ate lunch and bonded and never went back na to the jobfair. a joined us after her first daw of work, and it was really nice na impromptu man, pero kumpleto kami, and parang no time lost between everyone.

it's so nice to have friends na ganun, the pick-up-where-we-left-off type. i got stuck in a friendship na for the longest time, i felt that i constantly had to work to keep the friendship, but it's so easy with these guys, and with most of the friends i managed to keep na rin from hs. walang nagagalit dahil you don't spend as much time with them anymore. no why-don't-you-come-visit-me-anymore?s. walang demands. easy. despite the undemandingness of the friendship, you're more inspired and willing to try anything just so you guys meet up again. plan more outings, extend your curfew just to be able to chat a little longer, call them up on the phone just because.. that kinds of stuff, y'know?

i never forget. and i am eternally grateful. :)

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