Saturday, August 18, 2007

i love the weather, even though it's scary. rain is always cool for me (except when i step on a puddle, that is.)

we picked up my a-ma yesterday from the airport and i have a feeling she don't like us too much. hahaha!! not even 5 minutes into the car ride she was asking when we were going to drive her to makati, where her horrid sister lives (think bella flores at her worst, na may kasamang paawa effect a la kristine hermoso). my mom felt sorta pissed tuloy, and i felt kinda bad for her cuz she hasn't seen her mom in a long time and then she chose horrible sister over daughter. my a-ma was with an aunt who was going to visit her daughter in AUP(adventist university of the phils) and a cousin of theirs, auntie jean. i am so mean for saying it, but my goodness, trial by fire hanging out with them. nakakaloka talaga hahahahaha and according to the maid, they all woke up at 5am kanina, and had already showered. by mga 830 siguro lola makati's husband (who is one of the nicest people in the world) came to pick them up na and i awoke to the sound of one of my titas' voices (auntie remy, who stays here with us sometimes). God they are a LOUD family. intense. sister kasi ni auntie remy si auntie jean, at para silang nagcocontest na palakasan ng boses, at 9 IN THE MORNING NAKAKABALIW di na ko makatulog ang ingay ingay nila. and when it was time to leave my a-ma couldn't wait and rushed out the door. di na ko naka-goodbye. hahaha medyo na-happy si mommy dahil wala na siyang eentertain, at wala nang nagkakalat sa bahay (besides me), kasi kung saan saan sila kumakain! parang feed the rats and roaches din ang drama. crumbs everywhere *shudder*

gaaah im bored. sana matuloy kami later. para pwede ako pumuntang ghills at kumain. whoooooooo

idk about anyone else but i kinda like the new bsb single. hahaha damn you sarahmoralesyouarethedevil. hahahahahaha

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