Wednesday, August 29, 2007


my dad bought me new earphones to replace my shitty apple ones (i've only used it for 4 months and then the right one started sounding wonky). i love it super much! :D it's philips, white, and has interchangeable caps to match your iPod/mood (hahaha). plus the sound is a bit more crisp and defined, with extra bass. the only thing i don't like about it is that it doesn't have that slide-up/down thingy so you can just let one earbud hang when you don't use it (idk if im still making sense and i don't care). and it's super long so i had to tie it back with a twist-tie. but i don't mind. because they're new and i loff them!! :D:D 

i am dying so badly. everyone has piled work on me today (because im a bum) and these are what i have to simultaneously do:

-> call someone for my mom at 2pm
->call HSBC
->write a letter to HSBC for my mom
->make sample tags for.. you guessed it, my mom
->print my mom's dream bags from (frivolous, i know. and such a waste of trees.)
->upload videos
->wait for Michael's email for further instructions

and here are the things i WANT to do today:
->meander down to the mini-grocery to buy me fortification (read: junk food)
->upload my pictures to my multiply
->make my blogspot a new layout
->PS2 all day (hello x-men legends 2 i've yet to finish you)
->laze around, do nothing, read a book, download songs, sleep. eat. happy happy times.

and so far, this is what i've done:
->absolutely NOTHING (sing it with me now! WAR! HOO! HA! hahahahahahah)
well, actually not nothing. i'm halfway done with the uploading. and i know na (somewhat) what to do with the sample tags. i might leave off the HSBC thing til tomorrow. or friday pala, because im watching the game with sarah tomorrow.

i loooove it soooo much my earphones match my iPod... hahahahahaha

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