Friday, August 31, 2007

Ang Sarap Maging Atenista

yesterday was the first game i ever watched live in Araneta. and boy, did it not disappoint. sarah and evi are the best buds ever, especially in times like these. it was really fun to see a whole 'nother side of sarah, that of screaming shrew (hahahahahahaha). all in all, that was one of the best days of my vacation so far. we were supposed to go surprise leloy in his class but the joke was on us, he gave the class a free cut and WAS NOT THERE AT ALL. but yay! because we saw this girl lurking around:

and then we saw this little gem in the room schedule for Com B:
which confirms sir mark's (who evi and i chatted up in the smocket) comment about everyone having a crush on dear leloy. hahahaha
went to gateway to hang for a bit and then we roped sarah into watching 1408 with us. as evi said, it's perfect for before the game, because you'll be all scared and shit, and then you'll be all happy at the game. and evi, i still hate rollercoasters. ('_')
and then, THE GAME!!!!!

it really is a different feel when you're there live and cheering for your team. ibang klaseng rush. and it was really a heart attack day for the three of us, what with the movie and the frakkin game. exage talaga yung suspense nun, we were thisclose to losing. which, not bad considering we were behind almost the whole game. we were in Upper A but personally, we had some of the best seats, the people around us were so pumped up and everything and that made it more exciting for us (especially for me, i think, it being my first game and all. hahahaha loser.) plus our babble dude (guy in the video) was WAY encouraging, and i think secretly has a crush on sarah (hahahahahahahahahahahaha i'm not kidding.)
but grabe. all i can say is, THANK GOD WE WON. because if we lost im not sure id still be alive, because sarah will kill me, then herself for dragging me to watch with her. when that ball swooshed in, wow. ang sarap siguro pumuntang admu ngayon just to see the student body rejoicing.
wow. til the next game, then :)

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