Wednesday, July 25, 2007

le premier post (M. Yap is so going to kill me.)

testing.. testing.

ok now that i've established that this does, in fact work, lemme go right on to a few not so random things which i will now spew out in random order(that i arranged for better readability):

don't you just love hanging out with friends you haven't seen in God-knows-how-long? here's what i think: hangin' out with them gives you a sense of what's changed in your life and what hasn't. oh i know reflecting randomly does that too, but it's so much more fun with friends right?

can i just say, i am so happy to be blogging again. because i am probably the most tamad person i know right now, i've been too lazy to blog. but thanks E and A (oooh una ako. mwahahahaha) for convincing me to start yet another blog. you are right. posting with the feeling of not having to cater to anyone is quite fun. hehe

on the subject of E and A (this is sooooo not me. haha) had a fantastically happy time talking to you guys, laughing and talking too loud like we owned bloody pizza hut. i won't post the quotable quotes anymore, il leave it to you guys. hahaha (truth be told, iv forgotten most of them na. haha) side effect: i am feeling strangely lethargic. mebbe it's because of all that pizza. and bitching. not that i'm complaining.

a lot of things have changed between the three of us these past few months, but it's comforting, the knowledge that we've all grown but we're still the same people we were 4 years ago: bitches. hahahahahahaha but seriously, it's nice to know the friendship is a pick-up-where-we-left-off type and not a whine-until-you're-obligated-to-bond type.

happy birthday vargs (kunyari binabasa mo to. hahaha) thanks for inviting me to extra in your grad pic. penge copy ng lahat ng pics mo dun ah. hahaha and nice to know you're still you.

my first post. bow. *grin*


anne said...

*applause* seriously, L, we need to another get-together, this time with S.

bong said...

yehey! new blog! post post! gawa ka ng header mo! ;)