Thursday, July 26, 2007

i woke up thinking about my cover letter. how banged up is that? well, i did want a sign from God saying i really should get a job and NOW, and i think that was it.

so i've just finished making my cover letter and it (along with my resume) is now traveling at the speed of who-knows-what towards my potential employer's email. hope i get in. hope my cover letter was coherent enough(as opposed to the haphazard way i do my posts). i really should have listened when they taught that in school. hahaha

now, i can go back to sleep. :D heaven, thy name is bed


S. said...

hey luj! it's ;p i'm still learning how to fix the layout though, i didn't realize na same tayo! haha.

i d/led six degrees na pala. gonna watch it later. looks promising. :D

jane lu said...

hey sam! i changed mine nalang haha pero im really planning on making my own layout as soon as i figure out how it goes :D