Friday, July 27, 2007

i love...

  • my iPod. it is such a lifesaver in times of great boredom and insomnia. wala lang. and i don't mind that it's just a nano, since it really was what i wanted talaga (because i wanted to exercise with it, which i did once. haha).i just wish it had more memory so i can cram more songs in it. right now i have about 640 songs yata and im almost at full capacity and im frantically trying to reorganize and take out the songs that i don't really listen to so i can cram newer songs in it. im thinking if i should sell this one to get one with bigger capacity (4gb kasi eh) pero ewan, i've come to love it so much. hahaha
  • books. again, people are surprised whenever i say it, but it's true, i love to read. right now i'm hooked mainly on three genres: romance novel (don't kill me), chick lit (Meg Cabot rocks) and children's literature. or actually young adults. not sure where the books fit in eh. sa romance novels, i got hooked way back in grade 6 when it was popular (haha) i actually asked for one for my grad gift (which some bitch kleptoed from me in HS. you know who you are), and now i still collect them. i have favorite authors, obviously, but i also used to buy those cheap-ass for sale novels which really isn't about the story so much as it was just the sex (haha) pero swear, most of the stuff naman that i read actually have stories enough that at first read i just sort of skim over the sex part to finish the story. hahaha i am sort of proud to say that i have almost everything by Lisa Kleypas, and a smattering of other books by Jude Deveraux, Julie Garwood and Judith McNaught. hehe on chick lit, i think i started cuz of my still-in-high-school cousin, and the obsession started with Meg Cabot and Princess Diaries. i have two favorite series, which are Gossip Girl and The A-List. i stopped collecting the former though cuz i found the latter to be a smidge more interesting. i dunno if it qualifies but the best book yata na i read from this genre has got to be PS I Love You by Cecilia Ahern. that book turned me into a blubbering mess, i kid you not. i also like the meggin cabot books, the ones she writes for the not-teens-anymore :) as for children's lit, i guess it really did start with Harry Potter (which i swear i will get one day, when they publish a box set or an unabridged version). after that i started to read some cornelia funke (she is said to be the german jk rowling). i totally love this book she wrote called The Thief Lord (which is now a movie) and now I'm actively trying to buy all of her books na rin :) i also used to read tom clancy cuz of my dad, and the dan brown-esque books (which included dan brown, of course) but mainly, those three genres are what im hooked on :D
  • television. of course. i have a lot of facorite tv series which i won't go into detail about anymore. suffice to say there is a great many things that i will watch. haha special mention to grey's, house, heroes, las vegas and how i met your mother though. i love these to bits :D
  • food. have i mentioned how much i love cheese? and junk food? cheese junk food is the bestest :D i used to be known in HS as the junk food expert (not one of my prouder moments, in retrospect.) because i knew what new junk foods were the ones you simply had to try and which ones weren't worth your money. i also love pasta, one of the reasons why i also like the TV show everyday italian :D
i think i'll stop there for a while. my head is starting to ache. haha the reason for this post? absolutely nothing at all :D hahahahaha

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i have a chatter box !!! wheeeee! hahaha