Wednesday, July 25, 2007


i really don't know why some people are surprised when they find out i like to read. Mr. F, my first potential boss told me he was surprised that i described myself as an extrovert but my hobbies were introverted. yeah man like it's a crime to like watching tv and spending time reading?

i started reading when i was about 2, or so they say. i learned how to cuz my yaya used to carry me around the drugstore (we used to live in caloocan on the second floor of our drugstore) and point out different medicine labels and go: enervon! revicon! (you get the drift). i haven't stopped since.

question then: do i really look that flighty? God, i hope not. because while i have started to accept that i really don't qualify as a nerd(someone else's words, not mine), i do wish people would at least credit me for having a brain that isn't completely stagnant.

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