Sunday, July 29, 2007

happy weekend to me!

i absolutely loved this weekend!! actually, i loved the week!! because:

  • i met up with V in ateneo and A & E in makati (which would have been funner if S were there rin) last wednesday which marks the first day since forever that we've met up and i left the house without my mom. i also got to commute by myself for the first time from katipunan to makati which i am sorry to say i am extremely proud of, being sort of sheltered, you might say. hehehe
  • my cousins tippi & denise also spent the night here last friday, and we passed the time playing mario party with my bro, and MY GOODNESS it is sooo addictive. nung friday we stayed up til about 3 in the morning playing, and then woke up and spent the entire day playing again! hahaha
  • met up with N and her family today for the first time in a really long time and watched the simpsons movie. super funny! hahaha plus i miss nix, josh and nicole cuz they remind me of the carefree days of summer. hehehe
in a week i managed to hang out with most of my favorite people, and it is so fun to be with them because they are evidence that life hasn't managed to leave you alone just yet, and you learn lots of stuff about them and yourself in the process. :)

hope next week is just as fun :)

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anne said...

alabshooooo, jane lu!!! :) i say one more time! when all of us have money to spend already. hahaha.